Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its almost Friday!

How do you know when you need to get a new stylist? I have been going to a nice shop in Silver Spring for a year now. I do like the salon but I prefer a place with a more intimate feel. The last set of locs I had, I used to go to a guy that did hair out of his apartment. He would light some incense, talk about life and it was all good. I really felt like I could ask him questions and he had answers. Now I feel a little bit like I am going through an assembly line. Hmmmn I'll probably make that change soon.

I also want to lay off of the gels and tighten by latching. I watched some YouTube tutorials and after "seeing" the videos I understood the technique. My ends have not completely sealed and when I wash my hair some of the locs feel "rubbery"--if that makes sense. I have used lemon juice and vinegar (only 1x) to no avail. I am also taking GNC's Skin, Hair & Nails vitamins and using Doo Grow on my scalp. My hair is actually growing!.

Monday, September 8, 2008

hair 9/5/08

Back shot. My neck is kinda on the long side so I can't wait until I can cover the neck!
The one on the right is from today. My ends are frizzy and some of them have a weird curl at the end : (

Internet addiction

Ok this is going to be a light-weight /heavy topic. I think I am addicted to the net. Not to the point where I can't work or function but as soon as I get to work I check my "personal" emails. On breaks I check them, before I go home I check them. Once I get home I check in and get on YouTube and zone out (after dinner,checking on kids/homework). Just this weekend I was listening to some good ol' early 90's R&B on YT and I did not go to sleep until 4am!.

This is unfreakin real... I think I now have more "internet" buddies than I have real live human friends.. I have to make sure I give hubby some attention though.

So Ladies--how do I get less addicted?

Also my hair is doin its own thing. I am at a year but I did not take note of the day my locs were started. This is my second set and I am just less invested in the anniversarys : )

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few new pics

These pics were taken in July (bottom) and Aug 08.

The only thing I like about these photos is that I do not have any blemishes on my face : )

Changes, Changes

Hello blog world.

When I first started this blog my intention was to log in at least 1-2x a week and give a quick, witty and enlightening update on life or just other senseless Bull^$.. Anyway.. I have been ultra-lazy and I have not kept up or tried to. I couldn't even remember how to get in here and post!.

I am at the 1year mark with my locs and I am going to take some pics over the weekend if we don't get rained away ( rain from Hanna is supposed to hit MD). Now I am a MidWest girl so any "warnings" on a hurricane is all new to me. I am scared but excited.. It isn't the same as a tornado..those suckas just pop in on you unannounced.

Since I have been here in Maryland I have gotten used to going someplace different every weekend. My apartment is showing the effects of being a globetrotter. Ughhh..I could use a maid or a wife. She gotta bounce when hubby comes home though.

In my opening photo I have on this curly wig. I have the thing in a bag--Why? it is quite amusing to look at. My Goal though is to have long, strong, banging locs like Fauryn78 or Shawnta715 on YouTube--these sistas are the BOMB!...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is a picture of me last year in June. I was graduating from the MBA program I was in and was dead tired. We drove from MD to Ohio and JUST got off the road in time for the graduates to start walking into the auditorium. This pic shows me with kinky twists and also shows the fact that I look MUCH better with a LOT of hair on my head. I cannot wait until my locs get longer. I carry hair better when it is longer. Shorter hair just makes my face look fat.