Monday, September 8, 2008

Internet addiction

Ok this is going to be a light-weight /heavy topic. I think I am addicted to the net. Not to the point where I can't work or function but as soon as I get to work I check my "personal" emails. On breaks I check them, before I go home I check them. Once I get home I check in and get on YouTube and zone out (after dinner,checking on kids/homework). Just this weekend I was listening to some good ol' early 90's R&B on YT and I did not go to sleep until 4am!.

This is unfreakin real... I think I now have more "internet" buddies than I have real live human friends.. I have to make sure I give hubby some attention though.

So Ladies--how do I get less addicted?

Also my hair is doin its own thing. I am at a year but I did not take note of the day my locs were started. This is my second set and I am just less invested in the anniversarys : )

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