Thursday, September 4, 2008

Changes, Changes

Hello blog world.

When I first started this blog my intention was to log in at least 1-2x a week and give a quick, witty and enlightening update on life or just other senseless Bull^$.. Anyway.. I have been ultra-lazy and I have not kept up or tried to. I couldn't even remember how to get in here and post!.

I am at the 1year mark with my locs and I am going to take some pics over the weekend if we don't get rained away ( rain from Hanna is supposed to hit MD). Now I am a MidWest girl so any "warnings" on a hurricane is all new to me. I am scared but excited.. It isn't the same as a tornado..those suckas just pop in on you unannounced.

Since I have been here in Maryland I have gotten used to going someplace different every weekend. My apartment is showing the effects of being a globetrotter. Ughhh..I could use a maid or a wife. She gotta bounce when hubby comes home though.

In my opening photo I have on this curly wig. I have the thing in a bag--Why? it is quite amusing to look at. My Goal though is to have long, strong, banging locs like Fauryn78 or Shawnta715 on YouTube--these sistas are the BOMB!...


Naturalist1 said...

I like Shawnta's youtube videos as well. I'm sure you will have long locs real soon

knotsnlocks said...

Funny, funny, funny! I try to log on and check my stuff often too but it just ain't possible! I've got too much goin on to do that, thus the monthly postings. Do your best and take pics of your progress every month. And no doubt they will be down your back cause it's in its natural state - able to do its thang!