Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its almost Friday!

How do you know when you need to get a new stylist? I have been going to a nice shop in Silver Spring for a year now. I do like the salon but I prefer a place with a more intimate feel. The last set of locs I had, I used to go to a guy that did hair out of his apartment. He would light some incense, talk about life and it was all good. I really felt like I could ask him questions and he had answers. Now I feel a little bit like I am going through an assembly line. Hmmmn I'll probably make that change soon.

I also want to lay off of the gels and tighten by latching. I watched some YouTube tutorials and after "seeing" the videos I understood the technique. My ends have not completely sealed and when I wash my hair some of the locs feel "rubbery"--if that makes sense. I have used lemon juice and vinegar (only 1x) to no avail. I am also taking GNC's Skin, Hair & Nails vitamins and using Doo Grow on my scalp. My hair is actually growing!.


laloced said...

be patient, I just switched to latching (nappyloc tool) and I prefer it because of the use of less product which will mean less chance of buildup.

Lock University said...

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